Participate in the Money Drop promotion from 1xBet and get a part of the prize of $50000!


Spins in your favorite slots will now be even more profitable. For this purpose, 1xBet has launched a new promotion. It’s about Money Drop. This is an interesting offer that will last only 10 days. The promotion has already started, so there is no time to waste. Hurry up and join it, start making spins and you can be among the winners.

NameDate of the eventPrize fund 
Money Drop09.05.2024 – 18.05.2024$50000

Registration is available to all adult users. If you already have an account with the company, just go to the Money Drop page and click the green button. It is the company’s client’s way of indicating participation in this promotion.

The principle of Money Drop is very simple – the most active users will win here. Participants get points depending on the size of their winnings multiplied by 100. For example, for $7 a player gets 700 points. The points are summed up and the winners are determined accordingly. You can find the table with statistics right on the company’s site. If you see that you are far behind other participants, the easiest way to catch up is to start playing more often.

You can make spins in slots round the clock. It’s easy to play both from your computer and through the app. Connect when it suits you and dive into the world of your preferred slots. The minimum bet in this promotion is only $0.3. You can enjoy Money Drop even with a small bankroll.

Registration bonus

What rewards are available at Money Drop?

Active players can count on decent rewards in this promotion. There will be 200 winners in total and it is more than realistic to be among them. But to pretend for a high position and worthy rewards – it is important to join the campaign as soon as possible. The rewards among the participants are distributed as follows.


In this promotion, participants are invited to make spins in slots from the provider Barbara Bang. This is a popular brand, which catalogue features hundreds of games for every taste. Its slots are characterized by high-quality graphics and good chances to win. Therefore, time will pass unnoticed with them.

The campaign has already started, so it is important to join it as soon as possible. Do not waste time, accumulate points and the prizes will not take long to wait. In Money Drop participants can count on both wins due to successful combinations and additional rewards for their activity.

Registration bonus

What other rules are valid in the new promotion from 1xBet?

This promotion is available only to adult users. The rules for it are standard. For example:

  • If the points are equal, the player who scores points first is in the higher position. That is why it is so important to hurry up.
  • You will get the prizes within 3 days from the moment of the end of the promotion. The bookmaker will credit the money immediately to the main account, they do not need wagering, you can directly make a withdrawal.
  • If a player is suspected of fraud, his account will be frozen temporarily.

By all means try playing Money Drop and you will be able to earn decent rewards for sure.

How can you get the maximum bonus from 1xBet?

The first steps in the bookmaker’s office can already be advantageous. To get the maximum welcome bonus, specify our special promo code. More about it you can read here. 

You need to enter the combination when registering in the betting shop. The promo code helps to accumulate increased reward. Its size can reach $130. This is a great support for any beginner player.

To receive the maximum reward of $130 – follow this link. You just need to create a profile in the company and make a deposit to accumulate the reward. The prize will be credited to the player’s bonus account.